The Collins Family in several censuses.

1860 census
Name age
Collins, William 40
Mary 33
Alura 9
Lindley 7
Wilfred 6
James 1

1870 census
Name age sex occupation
Collins, Wm P 50 m Physician
Mary 43 f keep house
Alura 19 f
Lindley 18 m farm laborer
Wilfred 16 m work on farm
J. Edgar 11 m
Wm P Jr 4 m
May B 2 f

1880 census
Name age sex occupation
Collins, Wm P 60 m Doctor
Mary 53 f keep house
Edgar 21 m at home
Wm P Jr 14 m at home
May B 12 f at school

1900 census
Name sex day/month of birth
Collins, Mary 10/1826
May B 6/1867
Florence 11/1887
Edith M 3/1889

1910 census
Name relation to headage
Snover, Mayhead f
Florence Mdau f
Edith Mdau f
Foley, Edward Bfarmer m
Moffitt, Harryboarder m
Smith, Charles Bboarder m

1920 census
Name Relation to HeadAge
Goetsch, Joseph head 38
Florence wife32
Baer, Gladys adopted dau 7
Snover, May mother-in-law 52
Snover, Charles brother-in-law12

1930 census
Name Relation to Head age
Edwards, Dewitt head 76
May wife 59
Snover, Charles son 22
Gilbronson, Edith dau 36
Gilbronson, Mina grand dau 12
Gilbronson, Fay grand dau 10

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