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on my copy of the article, but, the reunion date was October 4-6, 1919.


T. O. Smith, proprietor

Entered at the post office at Clinton, Missouri

as second-class mail matter


Last Friday night, Saturday and Sunday [October 4/5/6, 1919], Clinton was honored by having in our midst members of the FARIS family from all over the United States, who came for the reunion of the FARIS family in response to the invitation of our fellow townsmen H. P. FARIS who entertained with a house party of two days and three nights at the Artesian Hotel. Fifteen states were represented.

The guests were happily housed in this building, cots being placed in the lobby for the man and the ladies of the party were put upstairs.

Mr. FARIS was assisted in his duties as host by his daughters, Mrs. Harry FINKS, of Clinton; Mesdame’s Harold WINCHELL and George C. LINGLE of Cisco, Texas.

The dining room and lobby were patriotically decorated in pennants of red, white and blue. The meals were served in the beautiful southeast dining room on long tables. Mrs. Oliver TAYLOR was chief cateress of the affair and she had about a dozen assistants to help make it a success, as it is a big job to feed about 125 people three times a day.

The last reunion of this family was held in 1913 in Tarkio, Missouri, and at this meeting many of the same crowd came together and also many came that did not even know of the existence of the others. Lasting friendships were formed in this short visit together, as well as creating a closer relationship of the family. There was bound to be much merriment, as big, little, old and young were there. Then the wires and mails were flooded with regrets from those who are were unable to be present.

The trip on the Frisco plug from Kansas City even seemed short, on which nearly 50 of these kinfolks came down, having cheers and much frolic, which did away with the monotony of the trip. The cheerleader was Charles E. WOLFE, of Kansas City, who is now in the insurance business there, but who for years has been connected with the Leslie magazine. The cheers were:

So, this is Clinton.

Oh! My! Oh! My!

Do you ask us

Who are we?

We are the branches

Of the FARIS Tree.

This was the other:


All are we,


Now to those who have never attended a large family reunion, it was indeed an interesting place to go. All were comparing family history. Stacks of Kodak pictures, photographs and family relics were brought so that those there could see the "folks at home," as well as the homes and how they lived at home. The occasion was a pleasant event and it was decided to make the officers permanent and reunions held oftener.

James HOLT, of Kansas City served his country in France, and his cousin Ms. Alma ATKINSON, of Norton, Kansas, served her country as a nurse in France. Last fall he came wounded to the hospital and she was caring for the fellow in the next bed to his, neither knowing that the other was there and each having a homesick longing in their heart to hear from home or see someone they knew and they never found out how near they were to each other until the reunion.

Henry N. FARIS, of 540 Truman Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, was made president and Miss Nellie FLACK, of Seaton, Illinois, secretary. It is said that Miss FLACK has more knowledge of the FARIS family in her head than any other member. It was Miss FLACK, who compiled the family tree of the Virginia Branch of the FARIS family, whence this reunion comes. There are eight generations from William FARIS and Dorothy JOHNSON FARIS. William was born in the County of Down, Ireland, in 1734, and came to Virginia a year later with his parents. The book was printed a year ago and at the time there were 2475 descendants from this couple and 800 wives and husbands.

The regular reunion opened with a prayer by Rev. W. W. FARIS, of Miami, Florida. Rev. FARIS has been a great preacher of the southland and a contributor to the religious papers. Many of this family had for years read his articles, never dreaming he was a relative.

Then the roll call and the address of welcomed by HP FARIS, who was there for every minute of it, in spite of the fact that he had just undergone to operations on his leg.

Hon. John H. LUCAS of Kansas City, then gave a masterful address, telling of the life of his host, HP FARIS, and his intimate knowledge of his character. He said that he knew HP would rather sacrifice his life and principle, and money nor personal fear would not swerve him from a purpose. Judge LUCAS’ address moved nearly all his audience to tears.

Alexander KEADY, of Normal, Illinois, made the response to the address of welcome.

After a two hours recess for the dinner hour, William DAVIES FARIS, a Belfontaine, Ohio, spoke of the life of Samuel DAVIES FARIS, HP’s father, whose 100th birthday was celebrated by this event. He was born October 4th 1819. He was followed by Rev. DICKEY, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, who told the things he learned from older settlers of Clinton, of this good man’s rugged honesty. He died in 1878, but he was known far and wide as a man, who held honesty and uprightness of living as a standard that was never broken. He told how someone offered to pay him a debt on Sunday, but he would not take it, as it was against his religious principles. He also told a story of a wicked man to whom he sold four cords of wood in the fall from wood, which was cut in the spring. The bark all came off and after he delivered the wood, he delivered the bark. The man asking what made him do that, and he said, "Why that belongs to you, so I could not keep it" which caused the wicked man to remark later; "this is the damndest honestest man I ever knew."

Mrs. Dora GASTON Julian, of Marengo, Ohio, told of life in Ohio, the state of her nativity and told especially of "Old Blue Presbyterian Church" near her home, which is now 101 years old, which her grandfather and grandmother came and establish so many years ago when they went as missionaries, to then, the wilds of Ohio.

The preacher blood has cropped out in nearly all the generations of these families and nearly all are Presbyterian.

Sunday morning, Rev. W. W. FARIS of Florida, preached a masterful sermon at the Presbyterian church. Then there was dinner at the hotel. He spoke again that afternoon in the lobby. This was followed by a memorial service for all the boys of this family, who lost their lives in the recent war, and for the other members of the family, who had passed away.

Norman FARIS, Theodore’s son, was killed a year ago on October 5, in the battle of the Argonne.

Samuel DAVIES FARIS was named for the Rev. Samuel DAVIES, a minister, who reproved King George of England for laughing and talking, when the minister was telling the gospel story, saying that "when the King of Kings speaks, it is time for the earthly kings to be silent." This dauntless spirit was inherited by her own HP.

Samuel DAVIES FARIS was born at Elm Grove, West Virginia, October. 4, 1819, where he grew to manhood. He then moved to Marietta, Ohio, where he married Sarah PLUMER PRESTON, October 10, 1844. They then went to Belfontaine, Ohio where all of their seven children were born, moving to Lecompton, Kansas, in 1859, then the capital of Kansas. They lived nine years in that vicinity and saw the smoke of Lawrence Scott, Kansas, when QUANTRELL made his famous raid. In the fall of 1867, they moved to Clinton, which was his home until his death. His wife died in 1911, at the home of her daughter, Miss Fanny, in Denver, Colorado.

There were 10 children, seven of them grew to maturity, and four survive: William Edgar FARIS, of La Plata, New Mexico, the only one who was not present at this reunion in the immediate family; Theodore S. FARIS, of Ute Park, New Mexico, Miss Fanny of Denver, Colorado, and HP FARIS, of Clinton. There are 15 grandchildren in this family and 26 great-grandchildren.

HP FARIS was born on Christmas Day, 1858. He was a real gift to his parents, as he proved a bright, active worker, ready for any task which presented itself, nothing ever being too hard for him to tackle.

At the age of 14 he entered the office of the Brinkerhoff Trust Company. He was just an office boy, but he soon proved by his eagerness to learn and his bright, quick understanding that he was going to the top. The value of a life is measured by how we use our opportunities. They come to most of us, but we are slow to grasp them and wait for something better to "turnout" and in the waiting we lose our chance in winning the race, because the ideal opportunities seldom appear to us unveiled. He made a study of the land, loan, title and banking business and in fact became so well versed that he is looked upon as one of the leading characters ???. He knows values of real estate at once, is quick at making decisions, which are invariably correct.

He, like the rest of the FARIS clan, is a Presbyterian. To this church he gives the best that is in him. It can truly be said of him that he makes the business of his Master first. No matter what the affairs of his business, his church comes first or the work among the poor and needy, for he sees his Master’s face "among the least of these little ones."

No one is so down and out or so wicked that in time of their most critical need, but when they turn to HP FARIS for help, they can get it.

Many, both high and low, criticize, but never a one, offers the criticism, is building for the community needs and offering a helping hand like he is.

For years he has led in the fight for Prohibition, both locally and nationally and the happiest days of his life had been to see this war time Prohibition. No trip was too hard for him to make to speak on this cause and his money was also freely given.

Since July 17, he has been bedfast much of the time with a severely crippled knee, caused from an automobile accident, but during these weeks he has directed his business with a telephone at his bedside and got ready for this family reunion of relatives that he planned weeks before the accident.

The guests thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Clinton and the Artesian Park area. Sunday night about 20 of the young people of the crowd visited the Baptist Young People’s Union in response to the invitation by the President, John E. Smith. Charles FLACK spoke on this occasion. He was for years missionary among the Navajo Indians and now is YMCA Secretary at Primero, Colorado, for this is a great coal mining center. Charles WOLFE of Kansas City; also Ms. FARIS, of Paola, Kansas, who teaches Normal Training in High School.

Frank Edgar FARIS, born April 4, 1919 was the youngest member present at the reunion. He is the baby son of William Earl FARIS, a banker at Mancos, Colorado, and his wife.

There were many gifted and notable people present, whom we do not personalize.

Those who came were:

David Othello POTTER, Jefferson, Iowa

Fanny E. FARIS, Denver, CO

A. Josephine STEERE, East Douglas, MA

Ora A. MARSHALL, East Douglas, MA

Vernon T. WETHRELL, East Woodstock, Connecticut

H. P. FARIS, Clinton, Missouri

Nellie FLACK, Seaton, Illinois

Margarette Y. MAYRS, Philadelphia, PA

Marietta YATES, Princeville, Illinois

Albert C. MARQUIS, Roscoe, Missouri

Alice C. MARQUIS, Roscoe, Missouri

Minnie DUNN, Roscoe, Missouri

Lena Holler LONG, Denver, Colorado

Mrs. Albert FARIS, Durango, Colorado

Mrs. John G. FARIS, Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Miss Jane Mckinney, Walla Walla, Washington

Mrs. S. N. IVES, Belfontaine Ohio

J. W. PARKS, Clinton

Dorothy May GASTON Julian, Marengo, Ohio

H. P. JULIAN, Marengo, Ohio

Alex KEADY, Normal, Illinois

W. D. FARIS, Belfontaine, Ohio

Harry N. FARIS and wife, Kansas City, Kansas

Helen Louise FARIS, Kansas City, Kansas

Harry H. FARIS, Kansas City, Kansas

Dorothy Clare FARIS, Kansas City, Kansas

Elizabeth JOHNSON FARIS, Kansas City, Kansas

William Richeson FARIS, Jr., Kansas City, Kansas

John T. LEWIS, Clinton, Missouri

Mrs. H. C. FARIS, Washington, Kansas

Elmer E. FARIS and wife, Fairbury, Nebraska

LaFrancis LEWIS, Clinton

Windt S. FARIS, Kanapolis, Kansas

W. Earle FARIS and wife, Mancos, Colorado

Gertrude FARIS, Mancos, Colorado

Frank FARIS, a Mancos, Colorado

Alma ATKINSON, Denver, CO

Mildred ATKINSON, Almena, Kansas

William Wallace FARIS, Miami, Florida

Jesse H. FARIS, Kanapolis, Kansas

Elizabeth Barnes FARIS, Tarkio, Missouri

Charles E. WOLFE, Kansas City, Missouri

Flora FARIS WOLFE, Kansas City, Missouri

Samuel A. FARIS and wife, Tarkio, Missouri

Many FARIS Martin, Tarkio

J. E. MARTIN, Tarkio

Amzi M. FARIS, Kanapolis, Kansas

Mabel H. FARIS, Kanapolis, Kansas

Elma ATKINSON Shellborger, Norton, Kansas

Mrs. Inge L. ATKINSON, Norton, Kansas

Mrs. J. C. FARIS, Mount Ayr, Iowa

Ethel FARIS Trullinger, Mount Ayr, Iowa

A. C. MANIFOLD and wife, Tarkio, Missouri

John H. FLACK and wife, Westboro

David FLACK, Wes Burrell, Missouri

Kenneth FLACK, Westboro Missouri

Mildred FLACK, Westboro, Missouri

J. H. PARKS and wife, of Marshall, Missouri

Mrs. J. W. PARKS, Clinton

James E. COLE, Kansas City, Missouri

G. L. ATKINSON, Norton, Kansas

Ira ATKINSON, Norton, Kansas

Ralph ATKINSON, Almena, Kansas

E. E. FARIS, Salina, Kansas

H. D. ATKINSON, Almena, Kansas

W. L. ATKINSON, Norton, Kansas

Mrs. L. O. (or C.) FARIS, Denver, Colorado

Myrtle Conway PETERSON, Nashua, Missouri

Francis Virginia PETERSON, Nashua, Missouri

Mrs. Elsie V. HOLT, Ellsworth, KS

Mrs. Charles FLACK, Primero, Colorado

Theodore S. FARIS and wife, Ute Park, New Mexico

Charles E. FLACK, Primero, Colorado

Charles H. STEWART, Topeka, KS

Charles H. STEWART, Jr., Topeka, KS

Isabel M. STEWART, Topeka, KS

Mary Ann STEWART, Topeka, KS

William FARIS BLAYNEY, Koshkonong, Missouri

H. L. WINCHELL and wife, of Cisco, Texas

Adda Mary WINCHELL, Cisco, Texas

Sarah Olivia WINCHELL, Cisco, Texas

Ada FARIS FINKS, Clinton, Missouri

Harry P. FINKS, Clinton, Missouri

Harry FARIS FINKS, Clinton, Missouri

Robert Mark FINKS, Clinton, Missouri

HP FINKS, Clinton, Missouri

Clarence I. WILSON, Council Grove, KS

William ROSS, Deepwater

Mrs. William ROSS, Deepwater

Zelma M. DELL, Gerard KS

Florence FARIS LINGLE, Cisco, Texas

Florence Waldene LINGLE, Cisco, Texas

E L. FARIS, Oklahoma City, OK

V. S. FARIS, La Reno, OK

Mary L. Finley TEMPLE, Breckenbridge, Missouri

Clyde R. FARIS, Topeka, KS

H. V. FARIS and wife, Kanapolis, KS

Mrs. Louella PARKS SHAVER, Marshall, Missouri

Charles Howard SHAVER, Marshall, Missouri

Francis PARKS SHAVER, Marshall, Missouri

B. F. PARKS and wife, Marshall, Missouri

Walter E. PARKS, Marshall, Missouri

John PARKS, Marshall

Dorothy G. PARKS, Marshall, Missouri

Paul William PARKS, Marshall, Missouri


We come from the East, we come from West

The members of the FARIS clan,

of all the pleasures, this is the best,

the countenance of each to scan;

a true, a sterling worth we see,

inherent character portrayed,

that for the FARIS family tree

foundation deep and strong is laid.

At Clinton now we congregate

And leave behind our daily cares;

We hither come to celebrate,

To duly honor our forebears,

Review their lives, their worthiness,

Their messages of faith and love;

The Christian character confess

And point all friends to God above.

A gathering six years ago

Was held that relatives might greet

At my birthplace in Tarkio,

And gave the promise of this meet.

Since that reunion mother died.

My aunt Lizzie and cousin Jim.

They’re gone on to the farther side

To see our Lord and be with him.

It fills my soul with joy and pride;

It spurs me on to do my best,

To know whatever may betide,

I take my stand among these blest;

Why not in nineteen thirtyfour

Another celebration be

Two hundreth day of William one

say Harry N. and Herman P.!

To Herman P. all praises be

For making possible this crowd

This year, the anniversary,

We chant the anthem long and loud:

He gave us this Artesian Park

With its Hotel, so full of room

That feast and fun should be lent a spark

To cast away distracting gloom.

We vote our heartfelt thanks to him,

Although we do it silently,

For putting through this gathering

On his responsibility.

His name this day we now revere

As he sits there before our eyes

And thus accorded a wish sincere,

We rise and swell it to the skies.


Council Grove, Kansas.

Tuesday morning the post-man surprised HP FARIS by bringing him a dozen handsome roses from Kansas City, with the card "Herman P. FARIS and family, from the relatives leading on the 8:45 Frisco. With much love," for which the family returns extends thanks.

The Daughters of the Presbyterian church sent a beautiful bouquet of carnations and ferns for the occasion, for which the family extended thanks.

A resolution of thanks was voted to be extended to the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, who had intended to give the visitors an automobile ride over the city. Twenty-five cars had been promised, but the ride was prevented by the severe thunderstorm all Saturday afternoon.

They also voted thanks to Daniel Othello POTTER, of Jefferson, Iowa, who arrived early and did everything possible for the comfort of the other members of the family, being the host’s most able assistant and directing the reunion.

A vote of thanks was also extended the Daughters of the American Revolution for the invitation to the ladies to attend the Missouri Day program and reception at the home of Mrs. Lawrence CROTTY Monday afternoon.


Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others, interested in the estate of ‘Ed CHISMAN, deceased, that I, George CHISMAN, executor of said estate, intend to make final settlement thereof at the next term of the Probate Court of Henry County, State of Missouri, to be held at Clinton, commencing on the 10th day of November, 1919.

  1. George CHISMAN, Executor


Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others, interested in the estate of Charles H. GRAHAM, deceased, that I, Samuel G. GRAHAM, administrator of said estate, intend to make final settlement thereof at the next term of the Probate Court of Henry County, State of Missouri, to be held at Clinton on the 10th day of November 1919.

Samuel G. GRAHAM, Administrator.



Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others, interested in the estate of Mary L. CROOKS, deceased, that we, C. L. CROOKS and George F. CROOKS, executors of said estate, intend to make final settlement thereof at the next term of the Probate Court of Henry County, State of Missouri, to be held that Clinton, on the 10th day of November, 1919.

C. L. CROOKS and George F. CROOKS, Executors.