My KIDD ancestry.

Generation 1

1. Andrew KIDD was born about 1732 near Londonderry, Tyrone Co, IRE,. He married Martha TAYLOR in 1752, and they have nine known children. Andrew died in Jan-1790 in Tyrone Co., IRE.


Generation 2

4. Richard KIDD, the son of Andrew KIDD and Martha TAYLOR, was born on 12-Sep-1768 in Cecil Co, MD. He married Mary Ann RICHARDSON about 1795, and they have seven known children. Richard died on 9-Feb-1846 in Frederick Co, VA.


5. James KIDD, the son of Andrew KIDD and Martha TAYLOR, was born in 1769 in Cecil Co, MD. He married Rebecca LYON on 27-Jun-1797 in Baltimore, MD, and they have eight known children. James died on 29-Dec-1813 in Cecil Co, MD. He was buried in West Nottingham Cem, Cecil Co, MD


Generation 3

17. Richard KIDD, the son of Richard KIDD and Mary Ann RICHARDSON, was born on 3-Apr-1810 in Winchester, Frederick Co, VA. He married Mary Almira TWITCHELL on 3-Nov-1840 in Peoria Co, IL, and they have ten known children. Richard died on 10-Oct-1875 in Danforth, Iroqois Co, IL.

Richard KIDD packed his saddle bags in Frederick Co., VA and headed west by horseback in 1837, going to Zanesville, OH where he spent the first winter months with his sister, Martha SUTTON. Sometime in the spring or early summer he pushed on and arrived at his brother Benjamin's home near Carlinville, Macoupa Co., IL. After a short stay, he made his way to Peoria where he soon found a grist mill known as Hales Mill about 5 miles NW of the city on Kickapoo Creek. He was a miller there until after his marriage on 30 Oct. 1840 shortly after which he bought 80 acres west of Princeville, IL at $1.25/acre. He and his wife moved into a cabin near Princeville where he made some improvements then went back to the mill and then back to the farm until 1870 when he sold the place.


Generation 4>

26. Hester Ann KIDD, the daughter of Richard KIDD and Mary Almira TWITCHELL, was born on 31-Oct-1842 in Hales' Mill, Pottstown, Peoria County, IL. She married Absalom HARRISON on 24-May-1863 in Princeville, IL, and they have seven known children. Hester died on 16-Jul-1919 in Radnor Township, Peoria County, IL. She was buried in Dickison Cemetery.


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