Letter from Mary Cassey Collins To Rebecca Pool Collins

Mukwonago. November 18, 1874

Dear Rebecca:-

Penn has at last finished his letter, and is usual I am too much hurried to add more than a word. May and Willie sit by the stove spelling aloud, now and then saying-mother what does this spell? So if what I do write is not quite coherent, you will take the circumstances into consideration. We commenced to have regular lessons for the babies the first of this month, a half hour each day. You cannot think what progress they have made in the time. During the summer have let them be oblivious of books as the though such a thing did not exist. They have been healthy and happy as birds, and what they lack intellectually they make up in physical vigor. Penn asked May if she'd like to read yesterday, she said rather slowly she did not very much, but my brightening said she wanted, wanted to know how to read.

We did think one while of sending them to school but do so dreaded beginning the thing. The first three months they usually learned so much that I had rather they would not that the prospect of their going to school is not pleasant. If I were able to have help in the house should not care to have them go for some years yet. May has just come to my side and says who are you writing to? I say Aunt Rebecca. She says send a kiss from me. X

Am looking for a letter from Angie. Excuse my apology for a letter and write soon.

Love to all from your loving sister Mary (Cassie Collins, mother of William M. Collins Grand-mother of Angela, Gloria and Wilma.

Rebecca Pool Collins to whom this letter is addressed is the wife of Charles Henry Collins who is a brother of William Penn Brown (Dr.).
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