The Descendants of Heinrich Christian RICHMAN

Generation 1

1. The date of birth for Heinrich Christian RICHMAN is not known. He married Maria Elisabetha PUHLMANN, and they have two known children. Heinrich died before 1851. His widow married Georg Dietrich 12-Nov-1851.


+ 2. i. Heinrich Herman RICHMAN was born on 12-Oct-1837.

3. ii. Elisabetha Juliana Victoria RICHMAN was born on 31-Jan-1844 in Millstadt, IL.

Generation 2

2. Heinrich Herman RICHMAN, the son of Heinrich Christian RICHMAN and Maria Elisabetha PUHLMANN, was born on 12-Oct-1837 in Millstadt, IL. He married Marie Margarethe LOEW on 25-Mar-1858 in Millstadt, IL, Trinity Lutheran Church, and they have six known children.

Military Census of St. Clair County in 1862 lists as an able bodied male Citizen between the ages of 18 and 45 - Henry Richman, aged 24, as having been born in Germany. He is listed as number A-78.


4. i. Hein Christ Ludwig RICHMAN was born on 6-Feb-1859 in Millstadt, IL.

+ 5. ii. Catherina RICHMAN was born on 19-Sep-1862.

6. iii. Barbara Margaretha RICHMAN was born on 4-Jan-1865 in Millstadt, IL. She married James SIEBERT, and they have no known children. Barbara died on 2-Dec-1948.

7. iv. Wilhelm RICHMAN was born on 7-Jul-1867 in Millstadt, IL.

8. v. Christian Heinrich RICHMAN was born on 17-Apr-1870 in Millstadt, IL.

9. vi. Carl RICHMAN was born on 13-Jan-1873 in Millstadt, IL.

Generation 3

5. Catherina RICHMAN, the daughter of Heinrich Herman RICHMAN and Marie Margarethe LOEW, was born on 19-Sep-1862 in Millstadt, IL. She married George ALTSCHUH on 11-Jun-1886, and they have five known children. Catherina died on 16-Oct-1946 in St. Louis, MO.

Family tradition says her father was born in California. Her obituary in the Millstadt Enterprise states: She died at her home at 2806 Wyoming Street, St. Louis, MO. She was born in Millstadt and reached the age of 84 years. She was married to George Altschuh, who was in business here as a painter and buggy maker. The family left her about 30 years ago to live in St. Louis. She was interred at Mt. Evergreen Cemetery here, Rev. T. L. Boesch, of St. Andrews Evang. Church, St. Louis conducting the services.

Memories of her come from her granddaughter: Sunday dinners were held at Grandma's. The adults ate first, while the children played in the other room. We knew we were being too loud when Grandma showed up at the door, hands on her hips. She did not have to say anything, one look and we knew we should be quieter.

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