History and Early Membership of the UU Church, Mukwonago, WI

Mukwonago, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Unitarian-Universalist Church Built 1878


The three men who founded the village of Mukwonago in 1836, Sewell Andrews, Martin Field and Henry Camp, were of the Unitarian and Universalist faiths. As young New England Yankees who arrived here while it was still an Indian village, they stayed to settle the village of Mukwonago.

Forty years later, two of the men were still living and helped to build this church. Andrews was a Universalist and Field was a Unitarian. Thus the two denominations joined together in one endeavor eighty years before the Unitarians and Universalists formally merged, in 1961.

The Yankee settlers of Mukwonago liked to build churches that resembled the churches of New England and New York state. The Baptist church across the street was of the same style, and so was a third church, Congregational, on Main Street, corner of Blood. All three white frame churches had steeples which were struck by lightening and taken down. This church is the only remaining New England gothic style church in Mukwonago. In 1987 it was honored to be on the National Register of Historic Places. The only other building so designated in Mukwonago is the Andrews house on the square, now the Mukwonago Museum.

You may wonder about the double stairway and the decision to place the sanctuary on the upper level. This was a style favored by the Universalists in the 19th century, and can still be observed in some of the Universalist churches of New England. It had a practical intention and that was to earn income from renting out the community hall on the first level, which originally had a stage where the furnace room now stands.

In the early years, the "U & U Hall", being the largest in the village, was used by government bodies for auctions, elections and livestock sales, and by civic organizations for socials, dances, lectures, etc. In some years the church made more money from such revenues than it did from the contributions of its own members.

In recent years a smaller kitchen, nursery, two bathrooms and a minister's office have been partitioned off, but long time members can still remember a large kitchen at the rear of the church and a large club room above. Food was carried to the club room by way of a dumb waiter, and many people were served upstairs during the annual church bazaar.

Early Membership List (copied from the church records)

Dec = deceased W = withdrawn M = moved away

Sewall Andrews Dec
Wm M Frazier Dec
J W Crawford Dec
Otis F Sargeant Dec
F M Payne Dec
Wm P Collins Dec
Martin Field Dec
Peter Greeley M
Esther P Blood Dec
Martha Duiant M Dec
A A Crocker DEC
D. A. Perkins Dec
E L Perkins Dec
Sarah J Andrews Dec
Mary Collins Dec
Mary Sargeant Dec
Emily M Webloy M
March C Platner Dec
Harriet Payne W
Sarah P Field Dec
Martha M Frazier
Erastus Kellogg W
August Hoehne M
A J Boss Dec
Louella Payne Dec
George G Smith Dec
Hiram Colgrove Dec
A J Labarre M Dec
Mary Field
Mary A Colgrove Dec
Mellissa Hoehne M
Julia Gibson Dec
Milan P Baker Dec
William Mcarthur Dec
J Ballard M
Wm Rhoades Dec
L M Johnstone Dec
Arletta T Boss Dec
E L Lobdell Dec
Henry Adams Dec
Lillian Adams Dec
Jessie Field
Mary Tymesen Dec
Lillian Wood W Dec
Martha Baker Dec
Mary F Brimmer Dec
Orlin Brimmer Dec
F A Wood W Dec
Helen Gale
Lucy Simonds W
Edith C??
Dolly Simonds W Dec
Lucy M Camp W Dec
Dan L Camp W Dec
Eva Hillier Dec
Libbie Fraedrick Dec
Charles Tymesen
Adell Dlefton Dec
E C Tymesen M
Jane Harland Dec
Issac Harland Dec
Helen Harland Dec
M W Clefton Dec
Emily M Camp Dec
Delia Simonds W
Wm F Adams M
Earle Camp M
Jennie Brimmer W Dec
Lester M Smith Dec
Elsie B Grault Dec
Wm Gault Dec
Emily K Smart Dec
Mame Clist W
Albert Green W
Jennis Simonds W
Mattie Pollard W
John Godfrey Dec
Rosella Harden W Dec
Marion Stickesl Dec
Elsie Boss W
C C Tymsen
C Yonk Dec
Mary Whitmore Dec
Edith E Whitmore Dec
Catherine Porter M Dec
Nell Camp M
Perry Camp M Dec
Alma Harden W
R L Porter Dec
L G Andrews Dec
Mattie Andrews Dec
Loui Corser Dec
Minnie Rintelman W Dec
Dora Yonk W
H A Porter W
Hanna L Stevens Dec
James S Hudson Dec
Mary Tans W
Katherine Zepperfeldt W
May Plattner
Florence Adams W
Ruth Lobdell Dec
Edna Stracker M
Imogene Lobdell M
Lloyd Lobdell M
Martyn Lobdell Dec
Celia Lobdell W
Ella Lobdell Dec
Carrie Lobdell
Francelia Lobdell M
Rachel Blott W
Fanny Himebauch Dec
Ada Swan Dec
Laurel Swan M
Evelyn Swan
Anna Fraedrick Dec
Harvoy Lobdell
Walter Lobdell
George Lobdell Dec
Josephine Davis Dec
Lena Hillier Dec
Walter Hillier
Mrs. James Horridge Dec
Margaret Lancaster
Merle Reichold
Hazel Vass
June Hillier M W
Melvin Hillier M
Ellen Blott Dec
Raymond Blott Dec
Mayme Grutzmaher
Albert Grutzmacher Dec
Van Vey Grutzmacher M
Janice Grutzmacher
John Grutzmacher
Mrs. Lloyd Lobdell M W
Henry Hillier
Mary Aileen Klemme M
Elizabeth K Klemme M
Ferm Reichold Sedgwick
Alleta Mayhew
Sara L. Lobdell
Lee K Lobdell
Charles Snover Dec
Julius Mason Dec
Jennie Field M
James Johnstone Dec
Peter Boss Dec
Elizabeth Boss Dec
Alvia Collins Dec
Delia Potter Dec
Mrs. Florence Sugden M
Miss Ruth Sugden W
Eloise Eleanor Durant
Marion Louise Durant
Viola May Reichold
Mabel May Lancaster W
Ruth Fay Rintlman
Fern Berth Rintelman
May Burnson M Dec
Eugene B Runson M
Ida Lewis M
Martin Lewis M
Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson
Mr. Alpha B Heinz M
Mrs. Edith Younger
Miss Faye Grilbronson
Ausline Mair
Francine Mair
Mrs. Florence Guelsch
Charlotte Rintelman
Loraine Rintelman
Mrs. Lena Wanner Dec
Mr. Emil Wanner

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